Sand and gravel (Agg) are small, loose rocks that are used in construction and landscaping.

Both sand and gravel are forms of sediment, which means they are made up of smaller rocks that have been eroded by wind and water. Sand and aggregates are two of the most important materials used in construction.

Sand is a loose, granular material that is formed by the weathering of rocks. It’s usually made out of quartz or other silicate minerals and comes in a variety of particle sizes.

Sand is an important ingredient in mortar, plaster, concrete, and asphalt, and is also used as a filter media and an abrasive. Sand is usually made up of finer particles than gravel, and it is often used as a layer underneath pavers or in concrete mixes.

Gravel, on the other hand, is made up of coarser particles and is often used for drainage or as a base layer for paving projects. Although they have different uses, both sand and gravel are essential ingredients in a variety of construction projects.

The natural grains of this sand and aggregate stones add an organic feel to any space. This type is perfect for adding colour while also bringing stability and balance to your decorating scheme.

The first thing anyone notices about a sand and aggregate company is the sand. It’s everywhere in the parking lot, on the buildings, in the windows.

It’s used in a variety of ways, from construction to providing traction on icy roads.

We can supply all our sands, Aggregate and decorative stone in small 25kg bags, dumpy bags or bulk lorry loads. Please see at the bottom of the page for our CE Marking & Declaration Certificate.

Medium Yellow Building Sand

We offer a wide range of sand from:

  • 50/50 Building Sand – Yellow, Red & Silver Colour

  • Paving Grit Sand – Yellow & Silver Colour

  • Pointing Sand – Silver & Orange Colour

20mm Yellow Clean Stone
Aggregate & Hardcore

We offer different types of aggregate and Hardcore from :

  • 10 & 20mm Concreting Ballast
  • MOT Type 1 803
  • 20 & 40mm Scalpings

  • 40mm Drainage Stone

  • 64/40mm Drainage Stone

  • 2/10 Pipe Bedding