We have an array of high-quality garden landscaping services and products here at EKA Quarry Products. Our highly-skilled team understands the importance of quality when it comes to landscaping.

Landscaping involves transforming a piece of land or garden into something more functional, attractive or fit for use. We have a range of products or services which can help alter the existing layout, design or can help add ornamental features, such as floral touches, to your outdoor space.

Our gardening landscaping services include digger hire and building rubble collection, along with a range of products, including decking, topsoil, compost, tools, patio slabs and block paving. In terms of the digger hire, EKA can supply you with 1.5-tonne or 3-tonne diggers, which can improve the productivity and efficiency of your landscaping job.

Instead of hiring a time consuming and typically costly skip, you can contact us for building rubble collection, as we can collect between 1-tonne loads to 16-tonne loads.

We have a wide range of building products that will help improve the appearance and functionality of your garden. For example, our multi-purpose organic compost will prompt plant growth by creating an ideal environment. Our patio slabs can help create a level, outdoor space where you can relax and sit in the warmer weather.

If you require additional information about our garden landscaping products and services, you can contact a member of our team today. EKA Quarry Products are happy to answer any questions you might have about our wide range of garden landscaping.

garden digger hire
Digger Hire

EKA can also supply you with 1.5t and 3t diggers to help you with your landscaping jobs.

garden rubble collection
Building Rubble Collection

EKA can pick up your building rubble from your home to save money on skip hire, from 1 tonne loads to 16t loads all available.

garden decking

Decking is an ideal, universally applicable solution for covering old, damaged concrete or rough, uneven ground.

It is also perfect where elevated seating is required. Decking raises your exterior entertaining areas above damp or muddy ground, and presents a totally level area for garden furniture.

garden topsoil

Ensuring you have high quality topsoil is essential as it will provide early establishment and development of turf, seed, trees, shrubs, vegetables and plants.

It is the foundation of a healthy landscaping scheme, therefore, it is essential to know the composition and source.

garden compost

EKA Organic Multi-Purpose Compost is a high quality, peat free, organic rich multi-purpose compost.

It can be used for sowing seeds, cuttings, hanging baskets, containers, pots, tubs and window boxes. It can also be used as a soil improver.

garden tools

A general range of branded hand and power tools are available. We also stock a range of access equipment and builders plant.

However, if you are looking for a specific tool or brand we will be able to procure this on a special order from our key suppliers normally on a next day delivery.

garden patio slabs
Patio Slabs

EKA supply a wide range of patio slabs & packs for your garden.

garden blockpaving
Block Paving

EKA also supply a wide range of Paving perfect for your driveway.