Concrete can be an amazing material for building incredible things.

We are one of the top local suppliers in Exeter, East Devon and Torbay. We pride ourselves on offering a clean, flexible alternative to conventionally-delivered concrete.

We offer both trades, and private customers alike a clean alternative that’s flexible enough so it works well regardless of if someone wants something quick, or needs specific ingredients mixed at their request. We have got them covered either way because nothing gets done if we have to sacrifice quality when you are using our services.

We take pride in our ability to offer fresh, flexible concrete at competitive prices. Our supply and demand-based approach mean that we can provide you with exactly what your building needs. Whether it’s for an industrial estate or just one lump sum! Because there are no pre-set packages for concrete, prices can vary. We follow this guide to give you an idea of our standard charges.

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to construction, but if you need something quick and easy then ready mixed concrete maybe your best option. We offer GEN 1, 2, or 3 depending on what type of project needs doing!

Our team of experts will always go above and beyond during each step from design through delivery, so please allow us this opportunity by calling today.

concrete pouring 1
Gen 1

This concrete mix is often used in foundations or floor slabs. It has a minimum content of cement and is best suited for strip footing foundations.

concrete pouring 2
Gen 2

GEN2 ready mix concrete is often used in domestic floor slabs or foundations

concrete pouring 3
Gen 3

Frequently used in foundations, domestic floor slabs, patios and paths, GEN 3 concrete mix has the highest cement content of the GEN concrete range.