High-quality concrete blocks are largely utilised as a building material for the construction of internal and external walls. There are many reasons for using concrete blocks for the construction of walls. For example, concrete blocks tend to be fire and flood resistant and cost-efficient. They rarely need ongoing maintenance and naturally keep temperatures inside warm during the colder months and cool in the warmer months.

We have a range of concrete blocks in our collection, including dense concrete blocks, lightweight blocks, coursing blocks, dolly blocks and hollow blocks. Our dense concrete blocks can be used for various projects, including single-storey housing to multi-storey developments and commercial buildings.

Our lightweight blocks are versatile and robust and meet all areas of building regulations, including fire, sound, thermal and more. Our coursing blocks, on the other hand, are dense, high strength and lightweight. Often referred to as the foundation block, our hollow blocks are concrete masonry units.

Whether you are searching for concrete blocks for internal walls, external walls, foundations, or infill in beams, we have you covered. All the concrete blocks in our collection are manufactured under the quality procedures of BS EN ISO 9001 and are compliant with BS EN 771-3, which ensures the quality of our products.

For additional information about our concrete blocks, you can contact our team today. EKA Quarry Products are happy to answer any questions you might have about our wide range of construction materials.

concrete block dense
Dense Concrete Block

We supply concrete blocks for use in a variety of projects – from single storey housing to multi-storey developments and commercial buildings.

The concrete blocks are manufactured in a 100mm & 140mm sizes, 7.3n & 10.5n strengths, formats and finishes (fairfaced and paint grade), which offers you total flexibility. Other strengths and sizes may be available upon request. All the EKA block range of products is manufactured under the quality procedures of BS EN ISO 9001 and is compliant with BS EN 771-3.

concrete block lightweight
Lightweight Block

A structural building block that is lightweight, versatile and robust. It offers beneficial productivity benefits and meets all areas of the Building Regulations.

This includes; Fire, Sound, Thermal and Structure. They can be used in internal walls (partitions, separating and flanking walls), external walls (solid or cavity) and foundations as well as infill in beam and block floors offering excellent environmental benefits. It offers simple solutions to all your building needs.

concrete block blocketts
Coursing Blocketts

A range of high strength, dense and lightweight coursing units to compliment our Hollow and Lightweight block range.

Solid units Available in both 100mm and 140mm width Suitable for 65 and 140mm coursing height Eliminates cutting onsite. Applications Dense units are suitable for use above and below dpc internally and externally. Light weight units are suitable for use on internal leaves above dpc. Standard – Suitable for locations where the surface will not be seen, i.e. plastered or rendered.

concrete block dolly
Dolly Blocks

Also known as a course adjusting block these can be to alter the height of a run of block work, sizes are 100 x 100, 100 x 140 & 140 x 140.

concrete block hollow
Hollow Blocks

A hollow block is a concrete masonry unit, which is sometimes referred to as foundation block, cement block or concrete block.

One of the widely used and highly important materials in the construction industry, Hollow blocks are commonly used to create load-bearing walls for buildings.