Zigzag Coarse


Washed coarse sand is a coarse sand suitable for screeding, concreting and block paving.



Coarse building sand is a type of construction aggregate.

It is used as a base material under paving and other surfaces. Zigzag sand is also known as zigzag coarse sand, zigzag paver sand, or zigzag jointing sand.

This type of sand is coarser than regular building sand and is used to fill joints between pavers and other types of masonry. Building sand is available in various colours, including tan, grey, white, and red.

It is typically sold in bags or bulk. Because of its angular shape, this type of sand is not suitable for use in filters or as an abrasive.

However, it can be used to create concrete or asphalt mixtures. In addition, zigzag coarse sand can also be used in landscaping projects.

Building sand is also known for its ability to drain quickly, making it an ideal choice for use in areas with high water tables. When used in this way, it can help to prevent erosion and provide drainage. Zigzag coarse sand is a type of sand that has been processed to remove impurities.

The zigzag pattern helps to break up clumps of sand and allows water to drain more readily. This makes it ideal for use in landscaping, as it can help to prevent puddling and promote healthy plant growth.

In addition, zigzag coarse sand is also often used in construction, as it can help to improve the strength and durability of concrete. While it is more expensive than regular sand, its many benefits make it well worth the investment.

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