50/30mm Clean Stone


40mm is suitable for soakaways and drainage.



Looking for an easy and affordable way to clean your garden? Look no further than our 50/30mm clean stone!

This top-quality stone is perfect for use in soakaways and drainage and is available in Bulk Bag, Loose, or Trade Bag form to suit your needs.

The 50/30mm clean stone can be used as a foundation stone when building houses. It’s also the perfect size to fill up small holes on driveways. You can even use it as a decorative stone around flower beds or ponds, it has so many uses.

If you’re tired of cleaning out dirty old stones from under the soil every year then this product could be exactly what you need. At just 1.5 tonnes per cubic metre, our 50/30mm clean stone has a smaller density than other stones, and this makes it much easier to clean and maintain. This stone also provides structure and drainage for your garden, which can be invaluable. Especially in times of heavy rain or flooding!

You could even use the stone as a fire pit, providing years of outdoor entertainment for your family and friends.

Order today and get your garden looking great in no time by using our 50/30mm clean stone!

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