40mm Plum Slate


Plum Slate is a flat slate chipping which is purple/plum in colour.
Suitable for landscaping but unsuitable for driveways



Plum slate chippings have a rich purple and plum appearance and hints of grey and blue tones. This decorative colour makes it ideal for creating borders in your garden, creating paths, decorating flower beds and even framing fish ponds.

Plum slate chippings can also improve the quality of your soil, as they can assist with moisture retention. 40mm plum slate is easy to maintain and helps reduce water evaporation around your plants. Plum Slate is also a good way to reduce weed germination, which makes it easier to maintain your garden overall.

Decorative aggregate, such as plum slate, will also help you save time in the garden, as they require less maintenance than other garden landscaping products. Overall, plum slate chippings have a variety of benefits; however, the main advantage is the decorative appearance, which will add a pop of colour to your garden or outdoor space.

This plum slate is suitable for landscaping; however, it is unsuitable for driveways.

We have different size options available, including bulk bags and trade bags. You can also select the type of delivery you need, as we offer collection and delivery. Depending on the size and delivery you select will determine the overall price of the 40mm plum slate. Our price ranges from £6.00 to £120.00.

If you require additional information about our plum slate, you can contact a member of our team today. EKA Quarry Products are happy to answer any questions you might have about our wide range of products in our online shop.

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