20mm Granite Clean Stone


A granite clean stone suitable for drives and paths. It is also a Decorative Aggregate.




We all know the importance of keeping our drive and paths looking their best. But, what if you need something more than just artificial turf?

That’s why we have our 20mm Granite Clean stone. Much more than just a natural alternative, this natural stone is particularly hard-wearing and can withstand years of footfall or heavy rain. It restores the colour of your surfaces and brings them out with an intense shine.

It is available in bulk bags or loose quantities that are perfect to use as a decorative aggregate. Not only does it brighten up any driveway, but also keeps them clean at the same time!

It is the preferred choice to add some extra style and beauty to your driveways and paths. This decorative aggregate is great for filling in any gaps that may be in between pavers or larger stones.

This product is easily cleaned so it’s suitable for any outdoor space! It’s great to use with water features, ponds, and fountains where there are maintenance concerns.

You can also work it into an Artificial Lawn area to give the effect of stones being ‘pushed up’ through turf!

This product is great at keeping any space looking its best, however you decide to use it!

To find out more information on our 20mm Granite Cleanstone contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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