20mm Devon Pink


A pink clean stone suitable for drives and paths. It is also a Decorative Aggregate.



The 20mm Devon Pink is a beautiful stone that is perfect for any number of projects.

This material has a delicate pink colouration that is sure to add elegance to any setting. For those looking for a more demanding material, the 20mm Devon Pink is an excellent choice.

Devon Pink is a kind of granite that originates from the county of Devon in England. It is also found in other parts of the world, including Australia, Brazil, and Canada.

The stone has a pinkish hue and is veined with white or grey. Devon Pinks are an angular shape and range in a variety of pale pink colours. These chippings are perfect for a decorative footpath.

When used in landscaping projects as a decorative aggregate, they can bring brightness to borders and edges. Devon Pink chippings can also be used to decorate the tops of flower and plant pots.

The versatile nature of these pink chips makes them ideal for multiple uses in both domestic and commercial settings. Whether you are looking to create a stunning garden path or simply want to add a splash of colour to your borders, Devon Pink chippings are sure to add a touch of class to any outdoor space.

Thanks to their durability, these chippings are also perfect for use in high traffic areas. This product is also great for use in water features. The unique properties of this product help to keep the water clean and clear while also providing essential nutrients for plants.

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